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Does genotype matter?

New Assay Developed for HCV Genotyping

Genotype and Spontaneous Clearance of HCV

Clinical significance of hepatitis C virus genotypes

HCV Genotypes in Patients With Liver-disease of Different Stages and Severity

HCV Genotype 4 and Response to Interferon

Mixed Genotypes

Genotype 1b and Relationship to Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer

Larger Doses of Interferon Needed in Those with Genotype 1

Shift in the predominance of hepatitis C subtypes

HCV Genotypes in Patients with Persistent Infection

Genotype and Non-Hodgkins-Lymphoma

Genotype and Natural Course of HCV

Relationship between Genotype and Liver Damage

Effect of High Dose Interferon on Genotype 1b

Relationship between HCV genotypes and source of infection

Genotypes Explained

HCV genotypes in the United States

HCV genotypes - Current trends and future implications

HCV genotypes, viremia, and response to Interferon

Hepatitis C: The Most Common Genotypes Are Also The Hardest to Treat

Genotypes of HCV: Their Relationship with Risk Factors, the Severity of Liver Disease, and the Serological Response

Influence of genotype & level of viremia on the severity of liver injury and response to Interferon

Lack of correlation between HCV genotypes & clinical course of HCV related cirrhosis

Genotype and serum HCV RNA level are needed before Interferon treatment

The effect of antiviral therapy on HCV genotype

New HCV genotyping system

The origin of hepatitis C virus genotypes

Distribution of infecting HCV genotypes in end stage liver disease

The influence of age on the prevalence of hepatitis C virus subtypes 1a and 1b

HCV Genotype 1B

HCV Genotype 3a and 1a

Patients with Genotype 2 Have Less Severe Disease

Differential Effect of Interferon on HCV Genotype 1B

Quasi-species nature of HCV

Pretreatment virus load and multiple amino acid substitutions and prediction of outcome of INF treatment for genotype 1b

Lack of correlation between hepatitis C virus genotypes and clinical course of hepatitis C virus-related cirrhosis

Treatment of HCV with INF - Relevance of HCV genotypes

Hepatitis C virus carrier state

HCV Genotype and Response to Interferon

Rapid and sensitive genotyping of hepatitis C virus

Histopathological Manifestations of HCV Infection With Respect to Genotype

Diversity of HCV in Relation to Times of Transmission

Assessment of HCV quasispecies heterogeneity by gel shift analysis

Understanding Hepatitis C Genotypes

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