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Kobayashi, M., Tanaka, E., Sodeyama, T., Urushihara, A., Matsumoto, A., and Kiyosawa, K. 1996.

The natural course of chronic hepatitis C: a comparison between patients with genotypes 1 and 2 hepatitis C viruses. Hepatology. 23:695-699.

Several studies have demonstrated that different hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotypes cause different severity of liver disease. In this study, the authors studied 140 patients in Japan. They found that 96 patients were infected with genotype 1b, 4 with either genotype 1a or 1b and 36 with either genotype 2a or 2b (genotype could not be determined in 4 patients). Patients infected with genotype 1 had higher circulating levels of HCV RNA than those infected with genotype 2. Deterioration in the grade and stage of liver histology, determined by follow-up biopsy 5 to 20 years after the initial biopsy, was seen more frequently in patients infected with genotype 1 (68.0% grade, 63.0% stage) than in those infected with genotype 2 (41.7% grade, 38.9% stage). These results suggest, as have previous studies, that more severe progression of chronic hepatitis C is seen in patients infected with genotype 1b than with genotype 2.

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