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Click on the links below to read the abstracts:

Vertical Transmission of HCV

Hepatitis Transmission Between Spouses

Evidence of Sexual Transmission of Hepatitis C

Biological fluids other than blood may be responsible for spread of HCV

HCV sexual transmission

Oral sex and the transmission of viral STIs

Absence of HCV in the Semen of Infected Men

Safer Sex Practice for Chronic HCV Carriers: Is It Necessary?

Are you at risk of HCV?

Heterosexual transmission of HCV

Sexual and Perinatal Spread of Hepatitis C Virus Infection

Viral hepatitis: a sexually transmitted disease?

Detection of hepatitis C virus RNA in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and in saliva

Detection and significance of HCV RNA in saliva, seminal fluid and vaginal discharge in patients with hepatitis C

Demonstration of hepatitis C virus genome in saliva and urine of patients with type C hepatitis

Hepatitis C virus RNA in saliva of patients with posttransfusion hepatitis and low efficiency of transmission among spouses

Detection of HCV-RNA in saliva of patients with chronic hepatitis C

Spouses of Hepatitis C Virus patients at increased risk for infection

Intrafamilial transmission of HCV

Sexual transmission of HCV; Detection of HCV in semen & correlation with plasma viral load

Study Offers Evidence for Sexual Transmission of HCV

Sexual Contact with HCV Positive Partners

Infectivity and risk factors of hepatitis C virus transmission through sexual contact

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