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Detection and significance of HCV RNA in saliva, seminal fluid and vaginal discharge in patients with hepatitis C

To investigate the transmission of HCV infection through family contact, we detected HCV RNS in body fluids (saliva, seminal and vaginal discharge) of 16 serum HCV RNA positive patients (including 7 men and 9 women) and in sera of their family members. The positive rates of HCV RNA in the body fluids were 31.25% (5/16) in saliva, 57.14% (4/17) in seminal fluid and 22.22% (2/9) in vaginal discharge, respectively. Among the family members in our series, all were negative for both anti-HCV and HCV RNA, despite two spouses positive for HCV RNA. This result strongly suggested the potential possibility of the transmission of HCV infection through the family contact.=20

Author: Tang Z; Yang D; Hao L; Tang Z; Huang Y; Wang S
Source: J Tongji Med Univ
=20 Date of Pub: 1996 Issue: 1 Volume: 16 Pagination: 11-3, 24
Abstract By: Author
Address: Abteilung fur klinische Immunologie. Transliterated/Vernacular Title: Nachweis und Bedeutung von HCV RNS im Speichel, Sperma und Vaginalsekret von Patienten mit Hepatitis C.=20

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