Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) . Basically, your blood sample is broken up and certain parts are "fed" to E.coli bacteria, which grow real fast. then when there are enough of them, they are put into the "bacteria-matic". Then that stuff is separated, and the remains are x-rayed, producing that pretty sheet of stripes that you see in cops an robbers shows and the OJ trial.

There are 2 sets, one side is the control, which is a known HCV, the other side is you. If they match you have the virus. - Bruce B.

There are 3 major tests for HCV.

1) The ELISA test detects antibody to the virus.

2) The RIBA test is the confirmatory test for HCV.

3) The Quantitative HCV PCR test, which measures the amount of virus circulating in a person's blood stream.

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