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Friday September 18, 2:09 pm Eastern Time
Company Press Release
Alta Natural: HEPATICO Tests Expanded After Positive Results, TSE and NASDAQ Listings Sought

RICHMOND, B.C.- (BW HealthWire) - Sept. 18, 1998
Alta Natural (Alberta Stock Exchange:AHS. - news) Initial results from HEPATICO give optimism to millions suffering from Hep-C.

Company President, Adolph Huckschlag, reports that the Company is beginning to receive preliminary results from the testing of its Hepatitis-C treatment, HEPATICO. ``The test results, which have been reviewed by Dr. David Khoupenia, Alta Natural's Medical Co-ordinator, are very encouraging'' according to Huckschlag.

``Our results are generally supporting the conclusions of the 17 clinical and pre-clinical trials done in Europe that HEPATICO is effective in normalizing human liver function in Hepatitis-C sufferers,'' said Dr. Khoupenia. ``We have documented substantial declines in liver enzyme counts in as little as 45 days of treatment with HEPATICO. Some participants have seen their Liver Function Test scores return to normal levels within 30 days. In addition, nearly all the patients are reporting decreased fatigue and an increased sense of well being; a sign that liver function is beginning to return to normal.''

Commenting on the timing of the balance of the preliminary data Huckschlag said, ``We expect the majority of our initial results to be in within the next two weeks''.

Once Dr. David Khoupenia has had the opportunity to analyze and compare test results, the Company will announce their findings along with English-translated copies of the 17 previous trials at a press conference to be announced in early October of this year.

Due to overwhelming demand from Hepatitis-C sufferers from around the world, Alta Natural's President announced that the Company will immediately expand its HEPATICO tests beyond the current 100 participant limit. Sufferers interested in participating should contact the Company. Participants are required to have full blood workings completed prior to starting the treatment as well as the knowledge and support of their general practitioner.

Following up on its commitment to shareholders, Alta Natural has begun the process to list for trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ Bulletin Board. The Company expects to complete these listings within the next six to nine months. Adolph Huckschlag, President

The Alberta Stock Exchange has neither approved nor disapproved of the contents of this Press Release.

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Alta Natural Herbs & Supplements Ltd.,
604/303-1131 or 1-800-535-7502
604/303-1132 (FAX)
email: altanat@axionet.com
website: http://www.alta-natural.com

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