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Alta Natural Herbs: Distributes Hepatitis Remedy Free to Sufferers

VANCOUVER, June 8, Canadian Corp News -- Alta Natural Herbs and Supplements Ltd. wishes to announce that its herbal remedy, HEPATICO, is now being distributed without charge, to approximately 100 hepatitis sufferers in Canada and the USA to demonstrate its effectiveness in fighting hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.

The Corporation is grateful to the HepC Bulletin, the newsletter linking Hepatitis C sufferers across Canada, for publishing an article on the Corporation's offer in its June Newsletter. The positive response from the HepC Bulletin's subscribers has allowed the Corporation to move quickly and launch its demonstration program immediately.

The Corporation is offering HEPATICO to individual sufferers providing they each inform their personal doctor and seek their doctor's opinion, and support, in arriving at a decision to use HEPATICO. All registered participants to date have reported that their doctor is going to monitor their health profiles, and provide feedback to their patient, and the Corporation's Medical Directors, on changes in the hepatitis condition over the period they are consuming the herbal remedy.

HEPATICO, a herbal dietary supplement, has been shown to aid immuno-rehabilitation, healing and the restoration of normal liver function in persons suffering from viral and toxic hepatitis, and cirrhosis of the liver in Eastern Europe. The Corporation is very confident that it will soon duplicate HEPATICO'S positive benefit in North America and provide a new relief for hepatitis and cirrhosis sufferers.

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