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Alta Natural: Hepatico Results In; Hepatitis-C Sufferers Benefit from Naturopathic Treatment

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 19, 1998-- Alta Natural Herbs(Alberta Stock Exchange:AHS.) Company President, Adolf Huckschlag, reports that preliminary test data has been received that indicates The Company's Hepatitis-C treatment, Hepatico, is having a positive effect on sufferers in their test group. "We are seeing a reduction of fatigue and nausea, normalization of digestive functions as well as improvements in sleeping and eating habits." According to Dr. David Khoupenia, Alta Natural's study coordinator.

The data, which represents a 60-day or less treatment regimen for the study participants, indicates statistically significant reductions in ALT and AST liver enzyme measurements. Although the results have not been fully compiled and published, enzyme reduction over the 60 day period range from 0 percent to 78 percent with most patients experiencing reductions.

"These results," said Khoupenia, "although not conclusive at this point, when interpreted in light of favourable physical improvements noted by a majority of sufferers, indicate that Hepatico may be highly beneficial to those suffering from this fatal disease."

These results are the first to be received from this nine-month study of the efficacy of Hepatico in alleviating the suffering and debilitating symptoms associated with infection from the Hepatitis-C virus. There are currently few effective options for the 170,000,000 people suffering from Hep- C. Unlike Hepatico which is atoxic, most effective drug-based treatments are highly toxic and can be extremely debilitating, to the point of causing death in some patients.

The Company will release detailed preliminary results as soon as they are available. This is the final step in The Company's assessment of the healing value and market potential of this naturopathic treatment. The Company is also in possession of 17 clinical and pre-clinical trials conducted in Europe on Hepatico between 1992 and 1996. The conclusions of those studies will be compared with these preliminary in-house tests and an announcement with respect to Alta Natural's plans for this treatment will be made in two news conferences to be conducted in Canada and The United States. The exact time and location of these announcements will be determined within days.

The Alberta Stock Exchange has neither approved nor disapproved of the contents of this release.
CONTACT: Alta Natural Herbs & Supplements Ltd.;Raymond J. Irvine, 604/ 689-0087 or 1-800-969-7222
Website: www.alta-natural.com
Email: altanat@axionet.com

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