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Click here for information about Interferon and combination drug treatments and Alternative therapies

How to give yourself subcuteneous injections
Useful tips on how to give yourself shots and the best body location(s) for the injections.

Doctors Close In on Hepatitis C Suppression, Data Show

Healthier HCV Patients May Want to Pass Up Combo Therapy

US report questions early treatment of hepatitis C

FDA Approves Pegasys Combo for HCV

99 Percent of Roche Pegasys Responders Virus Free Up to Four Years Later

Report from 37th Annual meeting of the EASL (European Association for the Study of the Liver) - April 2002

Assessment of side effects in patients with chronic hepatitis C receiving combination therapy

Report from 35th Annual meeting of the EASL

What to do when standard therapy fails

The roles of amantadine, rimantadine, ursodeoxycholic acid, and NSAIDs, alone or in combination with alpha interferons, in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C

Daily High-Dose Infergen Treatment Clears Hepatitis C Virus Better than Standard Dosing

Vertex Reports VX-497 Phase II Clinical Data for HCV

Anti-Oxidant vitamins delay anemia in combo treatment

Clinical Study of Maxamine

Sustained response to INF rarely achieved with high viral load

HCV-RNA decrease after three days of daily INF predictive of response

HCV Therapy Should Be Individually Tailored

A list of possible side effects that you may experience on Interferon or Intron A and Ribavirin combination therapy, compiled from actual patient experiences

Another patient tells of their experience with combination therapy

New Warnings Placed On Rebetron Hepatitis Therapy

Interleukin-12 for HCV

New Patients Receive Strong Warnings about Potential Risk to Fetus with Combination Therapy (Rebetron)

PEGASYS - (PEGylated-40K interferon alfa-2a)

Report from AASLD Meeting About Rebatron Therapy

Basics of Interferon Injections, as told by a HCV patient

FDA OKs Potent Hepatitis C Drug (Rebetron)

New Hepatitis C Combination Treatment Approved (Rebetron) FDA Warns of Side Effects -- Overlooks Concerns About Pre-packaged Doses

Interferon Treatment of Relapsers

Long-Term Follow-Up of HCV Patients with Sustained Virological Response to Alpha-Interferon

Effect of Interferon Therapy on the Development of Liver Cancer in Patients with Hepatitis C

Clinical Outcome of HCV in Patients Treated with Interferon: Comparison Between Responders and Non-Responders

Maintenance Interferon Benefits

Racial Differences in Response to Interferon Therapy for HCV

Successful Delivery Of Interferon Without Injection

Differences Between Interferon-alpha and -beta for Patients with HCV

Interferon Therapy and Progression to Liver Cancer in HCV

Consensus Interferon

ALT Evaluation Two Months into Therapy Predicts Outcome

Latest Treatment for HCV May Not Be Best

Interferon Response in Genotypes 1a and 1b can be Predicted Within 48 Hours

Viral kinetics can predict early response to alpha-interferon in chronic hepatitis C

Ribavirin plus INF Alpha Interferon Dosage - Reduce or Increase?

Characteristics of Complete Responders to Interferon

Life Extension Foundation's Protocol for HCV

Easing the discomfort of interferon - a patient's perspective

Predictive Factors of Non-Response to Recombinant Interferon Alfa 2B in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C

FDA Clears New Treatment Option For Hepatitis C Patients

Study looks at hepatitis drug, depression risk

Late Reactivation of Chronic HCV After Long-Term Sustained Response to Interferon Therapy

Retreatment of Chronic Hepatitis C with Interferon Alpha - Longterm follow-up and prognostic relevance of HCV genotypes

Interferon Treatment of HCV with Cirrhosis

Adverse Effects of Interferon

Permanent response to Interferon therapy in HCV is preceded by rapid clearance of HCV-RNA serum

Duration of HCV infection as a predictor of NonResponse to Interferon Therapy

2 yrs. vs. 6 months of Interferon Therapy

Short-term vs. Sustained response to Inferferon - Effect on histology

Breakthrough and Interferon Dose

Early phase response to Interferon

Targeted Therapy for Viral Hepatitis

Cutaneous necrosis associated with interferon alpha-2b

Management of asymptomatic HCV carriers with normal ALT levels

Interferon Side Affects

Spontaneous clearance of HCV Virus

Trial of Interferon Beta 1a

Cost effectiveness study of treatment in patients with chronic Hepatitis C

Full or Partial Seroreversion in Patients Infected by HCV

Key Interaction for Interferon Resistance in Hepatitis C Virus Discovered

More HCV Patients Have Long-Term Response to Lymphoblastoid Interferon in Multicenter Trial

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