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Risks for transmission of hepatitis C virus during artificial insemination

Fertil Steril 66 (1): 161-163 (1996)
McKee TA, Avery S, Majid A, Brinsden PR
Department of Pathology, Cambridge University, United Kingdom.

To identify risks of hepatitis C virus transmission by semen from infected donors.

Case report. SETTING: Assisted fertility clinic.

Hepatitis C virus-infected semen donor and recipients of his donations.

Testing for hepatitis C virus by serology and polymerase chain reaction.

Detection of hepatitis C virus antibodies and viral RNA.

Hepatitis C virus RNA was detected in the semen donation before but not after purification; none of the recipients of the donors samples were found to have antibodies to hepatitis C virus.

Hepatitis C virus RNA can be detected in semen donations from infected donors; purification of donations before insemination significantly reduces the amount of viral RNA in the semen pellet.

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