Do not take this test if you have had a rectal exam or prostatic massage within the last 48 hours
Diet--Don't eat any food or drink any liquid for at least 12 hours before the test

Time before test results available:
Test requires only a few minutes in the laboratory. Time before results are reported to the doctor or patient varies from a few minutes to a few days.

Values for total acid phosphatase depend on the method and range of units. Tests are all quantitative chemical analyses, bearing the name of the developer of the test, such as Bodansky, King-Armstrong or Bessey- Lowery-Brock.

Normal values:
0 to 1.1 Bodansky units/ml
1 to 4 King-Armstrong units/ml
0.13 to 0.63 Bessey-Lowery-Brock (BLB) units/ml

What "high" or "increased" may indicate:
Prostatic tumor which has spread
Prostatic infarction
Paget's disease
Gaucher's disease

Other factors that may affect test results:
Failure to fast overnight
Recent prostate massage
Recent rectal exam
If tourniquet is applied on the arm too long (over 1 minute), it may cause an inaccurate test result. Request another sample to be collected to ensure accuracy.

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