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1. What types of drugs are used in this disease, and how do they work?

2. Why are you choosing these particular drugs for me?

3. What are the chances that the drugs I am receiving will "cure" me?

4. If the drugs do not cure my illness, what effect should I expect from them?

5. How long will I have to take medication?

6. Can you give me a plan for what we will do if this treatment doesn't work?

7. What is the dosing interval? What are the best days/best time of day to take the drug?

8. Are there any special instructions for taking the drugs?

9. Are there interactions with other drugs, foods, sunlight, alcohol?

10. What are the side effects of this drug and how often do they occur?

11. What are the toxic effects? Be sure to clarify what the dangerous side effects are, how common they are, and if you are in a high-risk group and how to recognize it.

12. Is there a wide gap between toxic and therapeutic amounts of this drug?

13. If someone accidentally takes my drug, or I accidentally take too much, what is the best course of action?

14. Can I take generic drugs?

15. Is there any other way to reduce the expense of taking this drug? Many medications are very expensive and are not covered under most insurance plans. The cost may be a hardship for you. Many States and pharmaceutical companies have Pharmacy Assistance Programs. Shering-Plough (the manufacturers of interferon) has a program that can be reached by calling (800)822-7000.

16. What if I become pregnant while taking this drug?

17. Does this drug interfere with sex in any way?

18. Do the medications cause sterility?

19. Can the drug be stopped suddenly or doses missed without any ill effects?

20. What should I do if I suffer a side-effect or a drug?

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