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1. How will this test aid in the diagnosis or therapy of my illness?

2. Will I need to be hospitalized?

3. Will other tests need to be done?

4. Will I need other tests in the future, or will I need this test repeated?

5. Are there simpler or less risky ways to evaluate my symptoms?

6. What if no diagnosis is made? Will you then simply observe me to see if the symptoms go away, or will you possibly have to go as far as exploratory surgery?

7. Do I have any particular risk factors for any of the tests?

8. Will my insurance cover the costs of tests done either inside or outside of the hospital?

9. Please explain to me exactly what you are going to do during this test before you start.

10. How long will it take?

11. Can I expect any unusual feelings, pain, or sensations?

12. Will I need someone to drive me home after the procedure is over, or will it be safe to drive myself?

13. What are the risks of this test, and how often do they happen? Am I at particular risk?

14. Are there special instructions to follow before or after this test?

15. Will I need to be seen after the test is done?

16. Will you call me with the test results, and can I get a copy of them for my personal records?

17. How will I know if a complication is occurring?

18. What should I do if I experience a complication?

19. Are there any side effects I should be concerned about?

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