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Online support groups

A good place to go for more answers about HCV, and to chat with others who have the disease, is the HEPV-L Mailing list. HEPV-L is a list devoted to people with chronic hepatitis, and related liver diseases.
Click here for details on how to subscribe to the mailing list.

There is now a second HEPC internet support mailing list. Open format with information, questions/answers, and comments on hepatitis with an international group. The HEPC List is new and creates a warm, positive atmosphere with unquestionable support for all members. Input for HEPC List-activities and future List development is warmly received. The List is enjoyable, fun, and refreshing. Open discussion on the HEPC List functions and administrative procedures enable members to participate in its further development, and creates a real sense of community spirit and effort.
Click here for details on how to subscribe.

Hepatitis C Chat Site

There is also an online support group for Canadians. It currently consists of about 50 subscribers. To subscribe to the Canadian online support group go to http://www.egroups.com/list/hepcan/ to sign up.
There you will be asked to register. Once you register ie fill in you email address and click on "forgot password" you will be sent a special password form. Once you complete this you will be able to delete your postings if you wish, view membership lists and change your subscription options anytime you want.
You can also email Darlene at hepcbc@iforward.com for more information.

There is also a support group called "Hepatitis-Family Members Mailing List". To join this list:
Send an e-mail to hepatitis-family-subscribe@egroups.com
To send a message to all list members, send an email to:
hepatitis-family@bnatural.communitech.net and it will go to everyone subscribed to the mailing list.

For single "heppers" who want to meet one another, there are 2 places I know of online for your to meet.
The first place is located at website: http://www.insidetheweb.com/messageboard/mbs.cgi?acct=mb293240

The second place is at this website: http://www.egroups.com/group/PS-Hep
This site is not about medical info, nor is it an activism forum and it *will* be moderated.. The goal is to provide a safe, confidential forum for hepper singles of any sexual orientation, religious affiliation, ethnicity or age where fun and companionship are the goal. Member information and messages will *not* be accessible to the public!
Anyone interested in joining will be *required* to fill out a brief (really, profile before you will be subscribed. If you have a Yahoo, Hotmail or other similar account, you'll be asked for some additional personal information before being signed on. Profiles will be periodically reposted, so there won't be any lurking! If you're interested, you can email me directly at flwendy@alltel.net or PS-Hep@egroups.com, or go directly to the website and click subscribe.

There is a chat hosted on AOL Allhealth Personal Empowerment. Chats are held on Wednesday at 8:00pm EST. URL is http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/heprandisupportforhepatitis

There is also a discussion group for alternative therapies used in treatment of Hepatitis. To subscribe to this list, go to the following web page: http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/jovo OR send a blank email to jovo-subscribe@onelist.com

There is also an online chat club on Yahoo for heppers.
Click here for more info, or send email to alleypat@flash.net

Here is another noteworthy project: "Where Heppers Live". You can locate and contact heppers in your area. The website: http://www.hepchotel.com
Has a list of hepper contacts in the USA, and a worldwide list (country by country). You can get added to the list! The bigger the list gets the more capable we become of finding other heppers in our own area.
Send email to: hepperlist@hepchotel.com
Here are links to the website:
Heppers in the United States:(state by state) http://www.hepchotel.com/live/unitedsts.html
Worldwide: http://www.hepchotel.com/live/index.html

Read personal stories from other heppers at http://arizonahepc.homestead.com/PatientStories.html and also at http://www.recoveringhepc.com/stories.htm

There is also a support group called "The Fellow Heppers Private Pod". Here's the info to join.
This is an official invite to join "THE FELLOW HEPPERS PRIVATE POD", a new private support group for members with Hepatitis only (and their close family/friends) A place where we can just kick back, let our hair down and not have to explain every little thing we say or feel because the rest of us already understand!
Go to Fellow Heppers Private Pod and check it out for yourself. If you, or someone you know, decides they would like to become a member just follow the procedure outlined below. Trust me, joining up is much quicker and much easier than the amount of time and energy it took to write this all out. However, to join the group is a several step process, but, if you follow it exactly as I have outlined below, you will have no trouble.
If you are already a member of Tripod, you can skip down to #2
#1 - You must sign up as a Tripod member at:
Tripod Member Sign Up
(*NOTE* for new members, you can go change your password AFTER this procedure for pod membership is finished. All you need to be approved for membership is your Tripod member name, we do not want nor need your password.)
#2 - Now that you are a Tripod member, go back to:
Fellow Heppers Private Pod
#3 - Click on the "MEMBERS" icon at the top of the page
#4 - You will get a rather obnoxious screen message (that is from Tripod, not me!) telling you that you must be "approved" for membership, and a form to fill out.
*NOTE* When you fill out the form, be sure to use the EXACT Tripod Member Name IN THE EXACT UPPER/LOWER CASE SEQUENCE YOU SIGNED UP AS. This is very important because all Tripod member names are case sensitive, so not doing it Tripod's way the first time will just delay your membership.
It is the Tripod member name that allows me to add you to the pod!!
Please be sure to double check the e-mail address you entered also, to avoid delays in my reply to you. We all want to get chatting and posting and rockin' and rollin' ASAP!!!
In the comments section of the form, please state what type of Hepatitis you have (B,C, etc.), when you were diagnosed, and, approx. how long you've had it. This information is required. If it weren't then it would not be a "private" pod would it?
#6 - Click on the "submit" button at the bottom! That's it!
As soon as I receive your form, I'll add you to the pod and reply to your message saying "YOU'RE IN, BABE"........LOL that way you don't have to go through the hassle of checking back at the site every few hours.
Thank you for cooperating and helping the entire process run smoothly. I'll be looking forward to meeting lots of you, and BTW we'll be needing some volunteers to help out with newsletters and such, so if you want to volunteer, don't be shy!!

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