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Free or Low Cost Medical Care at 5,000 Places Nationwide

Call 800-638-0742 in Maryland or 800-492-0359 elsewhere for information about free and low-cost care in hospitals and other health centers. Staff will send you a list of facilities in your area participating in the federal Hill-Burton Free Care Program. They will also send eligibility guidelines and advise you about filing any complaints you may have about the program or care you may have received. Information can also be obtained by writing: BHMORD-JRSA, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20857.
(Note: Residents of Alaska and Hawaii must write for information, as the toll-free numbers do not service either state.)

Patient Assistance Programs: Commitment to Care

Drug: alpha interferon (Intron A)

Manufacturer : Schering-Plough Corp
Contact : Reimbursement Information Services
Telephone Number : (800) 521-7157

Either you can call, or have your physician call for you.
The Reimbursement research dept will first try to find a monetary source to cover the Interferon, such as health care insurance or state medical care funding. If you have insurance and are having a hard time getting the insurance to cover your Interferon, these people will help you "battle" the insurance company. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have about getting your insurance to cover the cost of your medication.

After exhausting every other possible resource for payment, discounted drug might be available for some people. Certain criteria must be met and every case is handled differently, based upon the applicants assets and income.

Patient Admittance to NIH Studies

Physicians can recommend patients to participate in clinical research programs conducted by the National Institutes of Health. Patients are admitted to a program if their case fits into an ongoing research project. The patient then receives free medical care. To recommend a patient, physicians can call the Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center's Patient Referral Services Unit at 301-496-4891. Physicians can also obtain further information about these programs by writing to the Director of the Clinical Center, Building 10, Room 1N212, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 20205.

The links below will take you to info about various pharmaceutical companies and how to qualify and obtain free prescription medicine:

Pharmaceutical Reimbursement Assistance Programs

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