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(the viral dragon)

I fight the dragon and his depressing friends
I fight him hard  he always wins
I draw from here  I draw from there
I take my strength from anywhere
I get depressed  it eats my heart
now as my body begins to rot
my mind is such  I think too much
I wonder and I wander and I do it all again
I cannot stop the madness that's in the dragons den
I fought him down with I F N and cocktail drugs to boot
he laughed at me and rolled his eyes and scorched me with hot soot
how long I thought can this go on  I have no other source
for which to take to battle against this evil force
I raised my arms I prayed to God please help me kill this beast
the Lord looked down upon my heart and promised me some peace
I know I'm loved  I know I love  this gives me new found might
I'll take this love and love of God  I'll let it be my life
I'll do my best to best myself to glorify my wife
I'll help myself to let myself enjoy our married life
I fear the most the harm he'll do to frighten both my kids
I have to fight the most for this - cause no one ever did
I fight the dragon and his depressing friends
I fight him hard

                        one day I'll win

Rick Wallace
( this poem expresses my experiences in dealing with hepatitis C liver disease)

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