Liver Cleansing Drink


This drink can be used to cleanse and purify your liver and gallbladder. It will also flush toxins out of your lymph. It also aids in the absorption of fatty acids. It will also help to regulate pH.


2-3 whole organic lemons
3-4 tablespoons of organic extra virgin cold pressed OLIVE OIL
1-2 tablespoons of flax oil
1/4 can frozen fruit juice (pineapple, orange, etc.), without sugar
3-4 oz. of distilled water
2 tbls. granulated lethicin

Other possible additions:
1 tbls. vitamin c powder
stevia to sweeten
grapefruit seed extract
beet juice
cut up fennel

Cut up lemons into quarters and cut off any bad places on rind, place in blender, several pieces at a time. Add juice and water, olive and flax oil, and any of the other possible additions, blend on high for several minutes and continue to add the rest of the lemons. Strain into a jar to get rid of excess pulp. Press small amounts through wire mesh strainer with large spoon. When you start spin the spoon in the stuff round and round.

This makes enough for 3-4 days. You can drink 2 oz 2-3 times a day.

NOTE from the webmaster: This recipe was given me by a fellow hepper...I haven't tried it and am not "recommending" it, just passing along the info.

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