Toxins from a diseased liver may trigger feelings of rage and anger

What's Eating you?
by Nathaniel Mead

Feeling a bit on edge lately? Could be your liver.

For centuries, traditional Chinese doctors have linked the liver with hot tempers. American researchers at the University of California Los Angeles Medical Center are zeroing in on what's behind the connection. They have found that when a liver is diseased by hepatitis, cirrhosis, or some other ailment, it releases certain toxins into the bloodstream. These toxins travel to the brain and, the researchers theorize, may trigger bouts of irritability, anger, and even rage. They may also be responsible for feelings of disorientation, anxiety, and apathy.

This may explain, in part, the outbursts associated with alcoholism. According to Jambur Ananth, M.D., who headed up the research, "Among alcoholics with liver disease, it is the diseased liver rather than the alcohol abuse per se which seems to determine the more volatile behaviors.
(end of excerpt)

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