Good Food vs Bad Food For the Liver

Good Foods For The Liver                            Things To Avoid

Berry fruit                                                       Frying (using oil)
Bircher-muesli & nuts                                    No pork, sausages        
Bran                                                               Avoid hard-boiled eggs,omelets
Cabbage/juice                                                    and egg salads.  2-3 minute soft-
Carrots                                                               boiled egg is ok.
Carrot juice                                                     Canned and processed foods
Celery                                                             Cheese products
Chickory                                                          Potatoes
Coleslaw                                                         Sweets (sugar, chocolate)
Cottage cheese                                               Vinegar
Dandelion greens/tea                                     White flour/products, baked items
Endive                                                                prepared with eggs (eg. cake)
Fruit Juice (Orange, blackberry,                     White rice
raspberry, grape or pineapple)                             
Psyllium seeds or linseed
Sesame seed snacks/honey spread
Seaweed or Kelp
Soybean (beansprouts)
Unprocessed brown rice

NOTE: These food suggestions are not based on anything other than my own research conclusions and should not be taken as "medical" advice.

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