Oral Lichen Planus Associated with HCV

Title: ANTIBODIES TO EPITHELIAL COMPONENTS IN ORAL LICHEN PLANUS (OLP) ASSOCIATED WITH HEPATITIS C VIRUS (HCV) INFECTION Oral lichen planus (OLP) is a common chronic inflammatory disorder sometimes associated with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. An increased prevalence of autoimmune markers has been reported in patients with HCV infection, The aim of the present study was to determine, by conventional indirect immunofluorescence, the nature and frequency of circulating antibodies to epithelial antigens in the sera of HC?I-positive patients who also have OLP. The study comprised four groups: 14 patients with OLP and T-ICV infection, 14 HCC-seronegative patients with OLP, 21 HCV-seropositive patients without OLP and 18 healthy controls. We found a significant association between the concomitance of OLP and HCV infection and the presence of such antibodies. It is concluded that some patients with HCV-associated OLP may have circulating antibodies to epithelial antigens, although their precise aetiological role in the development of this disease in HCV infection remains unknown. Author: LODI G, EASTMAN DENT INST, DEPT ORAL MED, 256 GRAYS INN RD, LONDON WC1X 8LD, ENGLAND Source: JOURNAL OF ORAL PATHOLOGY & MEDICINE 1997 JAN;26(1):36-39

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