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I want to state again that I am not trying to claim this stuff is a cure for HCV, but it has helped me feel better and there are some people who say they went HCV negative while taking it. This page contains the stories of these people. I will add stories to it as soon as I get the person's permission to do so.

Patient story #1:
Hello, my name is Michael Garvin. I am 34 years old and I was diagnosed with Chronic Hepatitis C in October of 1999. When I found out I had this terrible disease, I was totally devastated. I had worked in the Health Care field for over fifteen years where I somehow contracted Hep C. I was the one helping people and trying to save lives, now I needed help and didn't know where to turn. My family doctor referred me to see a GI specialist . The GI Doctor wanted me to have a liver biopsy which revealed minor to moderate liver damage to the portal area of the liver. After discussing my options with him, he suggested I start the Interferon treatment after I had spinal fusion. I was previously injured in the line of duty and hurt my lower back which required this surgery. He wanted me to see him in August of 2000 which would give me time to recover from the surgery. While recovering from surgery I did a lot of research on Hepatitis C. I found a great web-site at which talked about an alternative herbal treatment called New Image. I figured that I had the time to try this before I started the Interferon treatment. I told myself I would take the New Image along with Milk Thistle for three months then I would have my blood drawn again to see what my viral load was. I had my blood drawn on August 7, 2000, my family doctors office called me on Thursday August 10th and told me the virus had disappeared and my levels where fine! I was stunned, shocked, ecstatic and full of all kinds of emotions. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My primary doctor thought I had begun the Interferon and he was pleased it was working. I told him I had to let him in on a little secret... I was taking an herbal remedy which I had found while doing research on the disease. He was amazed and requested I bring in some literature for him to read on New Image. I now see the GI specialist every six months or so to keep an eye on my levels, other than that I feel GREAT!
If you have any questions for Michael, you can him at:
Michael Garvin
909 10th Ave
Prospect Park, Pa. 19076
Phone: (610) 461-2395

Patient story #2:
My name is Kitty and I started taking New Image Total (the one with all the anti-oxidants that by nature fight the free-radicals), 3 capsules every night, in June of 1999. I had been diagnosed with Hep C in the summer of 1997. I never really had many symptoms except being extremely tired. The way I found out that I had was from my boyfriend. He had become jaundiced, went to the doctor and found out he had Hep C and diabetes. The doctor tested me for Hep C and I turned up positive also. I had a biopsy done in the April of 1998. My doctor, in 1998, was taking frequent blood samples and told me that I could be a candidate for interferon therapy in summer 1999. He administered a set of Hep A and B vaccinations so that I would be safe from contracting either of those illnesses which would have done me in. Aside from the antioxidants in New Image Total, I take silymarin (2x-300 mg) with artichoke and dandelion extracts twice daily. The maker of this product is NOW. I also take a good multivitamin (All One), and I had been taking Maitake and/or Reishi mushrooms. I switched doctors as I was not happy with the 'bedside manners' of the doctor I was seeing. My new doctor ordered a Liver Profile and other blood work in late March. Mid April he called me and said that he had some really good news. There was no trace of the Hep C virus to be found in my liver profile. He asked if I'd had interferon therapy, and I told him no. I was floored, he was too. I don't know if I am totally "out of the woods" or what. I have more blood work scheduled for after October 1st, and I pray that the findings are the same. There was no chance that my blood sample could have gotten mixed up with someones as it registered that I had had the Hep A and B vaccines, and not many people have been innoculated for both types of hepatitis. Anyway, that's my story. You can contact me by email at
Update to Kitty's story Nov 2000
I heard from my doctor regarding a blood test I'd had taken October 2nd. Unfortunately, he didn't have the same 'good' news for me this time. Seems counts are elevated and I'm back on getting blood tests taken every 4-6 weeks. But, I'm not giving up. After the 'super' report I received from the blood test this spring, I slacked off on taking my Total Image. Instead of 3 capsules every night, I took 0-2 capsules a night. So, I'm back to taking 3 capsules a night. I never quit taking my silymarin. This hep c thing is a tricky bird. I hope I can get it under control again. As long as I can keep it 'at bay', and as long as I have no pain or symptoms and I can avoid the interferon treatments, I feel like I'm winning .

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