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Flashback Phenomenon During Interferon Treatment

A patient with chronic hepatitis C and a history of abuse of analeptic drugs, who showed hallucination and delusion with interferon administration.

Author: Muraoka H; Sanefuji T; Keida R; Tsuji R; Abe H; Uchimura Y; Sata M; Tanikawa K; Nose I; Uchimura N; Nakazawa Y;
Source: Kurume Medical Journal
Date of Pub: 1996 Issue: 1 Volume: 43 Pagination: 73-7

We experienced a case of chronic hepatitis type C accompanied with hallucination and delusion induced by interferon (IFN) therapy positive. The case was a 47-year-old male, whose laboratory data showed positive for anti-Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) and elevated transaminase level. He was treated with 6 MU/day of natural-type IFN-alpha (HLBI). Sleeplessness and delusions of persecution developed about 2 months after the start of IFN therapy. The interview of the psychiatrist disclosed that the patient had a history of addiction to drugs, and these psychiatric symptoms were diagnosed as being of "the flashback phenomenon." These side effects were improved after the administration of psychotropics and it was suggested that we had to take care of the development of flashback phenomenon during the treatment of IFN in cases of chronic hepatitis with a history of addiction to drugs.

Abstract By: Author
Address: Department of Internal Medicine, Kumamoto Central Hospital, Japan.

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