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Here are a few questions answered by Dr. Burgsteiner regarding the thymic formula;

1. Where does the Thymus Extract come from?
Thymus extracts and fractions typically comes from eight day old calves and is protein in origin. Generally, the thymus product comes from New Zealand where cattle are raised organically and not given injections. If this is not available, we also use Thymus from similar groups of cattle raised in the US.

2. I have Hepatitis B or C. How long will it be before I see results from taking the Thymic Formula?
your results depend on which disease you will be treating. The TF causes your body to produce interferon. Uncomplicated cases of Hep B, a DNA virus, generally respond in 6-8 weeks because the Hep B virus responds very well to interferon. On the other hand, Hep C, a RNA virus which does not respond well to interferon, will take a longer period, generally 3-6 months.

3. I have been told that some people with hepatitis experience an elevation in their liver enzymes during the first 3 months after starting the Thymic Formula. Is this true?
it does occur very frequently and I believe it represents the fact that th4 TF is stimulating the immune system to produce interferon, interleukin, white blood cells, T-cells and all of the elements that fight the infection. Initial elevation of the enzymes generally occurs over a 6-8 week period and then they begin to return to normal.

4. should I take Thymic Formula for my Arthritis? Why?
People with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an auto immune disease, can benefit tremendously by taking the TF which has a modulating effect and brings hypo=immune conditions down and hypo-immune conditions up. We have 36 patients now that no longer take prednisone and are completely asymptomatic. With rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, and Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you should start to see some improvements in 8-10 weeks after starting the Thymic formula. allergy problems typically respond within 3-4 weeks. We have gotten excellent results for these conditions by taking the chronic dose of 6 cap tabs twice a day.

5. Should I be aware of large amounts of Vitamin A?
The vitamin A in our product is actually Beta Carotene, which is harmless. There is no known limitation in the amount of Beta Carotene that you can take.

6. Does the thymic formula interfere with medication my doctor has me prescribed on?
No. you are safe to take the thymic supplement with any medication your doctor has prescribed ro you. However, your doctor should always be consulted prior to coming off of his medications.

7. How do you know for sure that the hepatitis virus is gone from my body? Does it lay dormant?
have your doctor do a PCR/RNA test. If the results show there is no virus left in your system, the the Hepatitis virus is gone.

8. Can TF possibly help people with HIV?
In my opinion, it can help. HIV is a virus and a virus destroys T-cells. once you destroy T-cells, it brings on AIDS. When you take TF, your body should start to produce T-Cells, and Intereukin 2, which has been shown to help prevent the conversion of HIV into AIDS. We hope to get some clinical studies started very soon using the TF as an immune system booster and to treat HIV and AIDS patients. I will report on this in future health reports.

9. how often should blood work be done and what are the most important enzymes to look for if you have Hepatitis?
GGTP indicates the severity of liver damage. The SGOT and SGPT show improved results from treatment. Alkaline phosphatase and Bilirubin are also important. These tests should probably be repeated every 3 months. once they become normal the antigen antibody studies and PCR/DNA studies should be done.

10. Can I give TF to my child? How much do you recommend?
Yes, this product can be given to children. there are many children whose immune system are deficient. They did not inherit immunity from their parents. Why? Because of the use and abuse of antibiotics and OTC products, (example? Tylenol and Motrin). These products are used too frequently. They keep the body temperature from rising, which is what stimulates the normal production of white blood cells and T- Cells. The results are children with no antibody development. Generally, I suggest giving infants to 3 years olds one captab twice a day. Children 4-6 could take two captabs twice a day.

11. My friend is giving Thymic Formula to her dog. Is this OK?
Yes. Thymus has been shown to be very effective in the treatment of the same types of disease in animals as we find with humans. We have already been able to help some animals diagnosed with leukemia. In the future, we will have special products for dogs, cats, small animals and large animals. In the meantime, you can certainly give them the TF. Small animals and cats 2 cap tabs twice daily; larger animals, 2-3 twice a day.

This information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease of disorder or to replace professional medical advice. Please consult your physician when using this and other food supplements.
This literature may be reproduced without legal ramifications.

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