Immune Stimulating Herbs


One of the today's forerunners in this area is astragalus root. Astragalus stimulates virtually every phase of immune system activity. It increases the number of "stem cells" in the marrrow and lymph tissue, and stimulates their development into active immune cells which are released into the body. research documenting this also demonstrated that astragalus could promote or trigger immune cells from the "resting" state into heightened activity.

Perhaps the best evidence to date for the powerful immunostimulant effects of astragalus come from the University of Texas Medical Center in Houston. There, scientists tested damaged immune system cells from cancer patients, compared against cells from the blood of normal human subjects. Astragalus extracts were able to completely restore the function of cancer patients' immune cells...The study concluded, "a complete immune restoration can be achieved by using a fractionated extract of astragalus root."

The immune system protects the body against viruses as well....Astragalus was found to stimulate the production of interferon, and increase its effectiveness in fighting disease....

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