The origins of “A Hepatitis C Primer”

I started this webpage back in 1996 as a class project when I was taking a web design class in college. Back then, there wasn’t much information on the internet for those of us who had HCV … at least not much information that wasn’t written by a medical professional ... and if you weren’t in the medical field it was hard to interpret some of the medical jargon … so my husband suggested that I go public with my page.

I wanted to give my site a personal look and feel, and tried to cover all the basics without a lot of medical lingo. My goal was to create a place where the “common folk” could come together and talk to others who were going through the same things that I was experiencing. So that is how this page was born.

There have been over 2 million visitors to my site between 1996 & 2005. So over the years, I have met many wonderful “heppers” with hearts of gold and through various activist gatherings. Battling the “dragon” is hard, but sharing those battles with others who are facing the same fears and decisions has been an invaluable experience.

But alas, in early 2005 the hard drive crashes on my computer and I lose everything because I had no backup … shame on me! This was very devastating to me and I just didn’t have the heart to try and recreate the website, and wasn’t doing a very good job of keeping it updated. So a kind soul offered to take over the site. I thought it over for a while and decided that instead of letting the site dwindle into nothing that it would be better to hand over the reins. I had put 9 years of my life and heart and soul into this webpage … so it was with a sad heart that I let go of “A Hepatitis C Primer”. I hope everyone who visited the site over the years will continue to come here and that it will still feel like home to all of you. I will continue to contribute to the site now and then, so if you want to contact me, I’m sure the current webmaster won’t mind passing along any messages you might have.

So until we meet again … May Your Dragon Sleep Gently … until it can be slayed!


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