Hepatitis C is drastically underfunded! Please do your part to bring this urgent matter to the attention of anyone you think can help!

For more details about the HCV Activists, click here

Also, there is an activist group called Hep-C ALERT!
Hep-C ALERT! is a grass roots movement of people who share a common concern.

Arsenal Records, in conjunction with the Blues Heaven Foundation and the American Liver Foundation, has released a new contemporary Blues album, Red Blooded Blues, as part of the "Get Hip to Hepatitis" campaign.

Get Hip to Hepatitis is a national public education program about hepatitis, a disease that affects nearly 5 million Americans. The campaign, sponsored by the American Liver Foundation and the Blues Heaven Foundation, uses the energy and influence of music to empower Americans with the facts about hepatitis and to motivate those at risk to talk with their doctor about the disease.

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